About Us


O-T-D Corporation began as an inter-modal provider that, far ahead of its time, offered shipper-to-consignee multiple transportation service on a single bill of lading. In 1972, responding to growing logistical and storage needs of its largest customers, O-T-D began designing and building innovative, high quality aluminum containers and pallets.

In 2003, LM Containers began building collapsible aluminum containers and pallets for the synthetic rubber industry. Recognizing the market potential for these unique products, it consolidated operations with O-T-D Corporation in June 2005. In April 2007, RHINO Pallets of Detroit-Lakes, MN was acquired, allowing LMC to offer yet another product line to its customer base. RHINO produces lightweight aluminum pallets. LM Containers will house all three operations at its current location in Caruthersville, Missouri.

The combination of talent, state-of-the-art robotic equipment, and a seamless source of raw materials are only a few of the major benefits now available to our customers.

Our containers and pallets offer:

  • High strength-to-weight ratios
  • High product payloads
  • Freedom from contamination
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Excellent durability
  • Logistical efficiencies second-to-none

Our products comply with both domestic and international shipping requirements.

Some of the industries and markets benefiting from the use of our products include:

  • Synthetic rubber industry
  • Automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment industries
  • Utilities and power generating plants
  • Food Services companies
  • Aerospace industry
  • Construction contractors
  • Government & Military
  • Electronics
  • Museums & Archives

We can build a product to fit your needs in virtually any size with a wide variety of specialized features just for your business!

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