Stacked Containers

OTD Corporation, RHINO Pallets and LMC have consolidated to become world leaders in custom aluminum containers and pallets. Combinations of product from OTD and RHINO Pallets, and a seamless source of raw materials from LMC, provide the best source for collapsible aluminum IBC's and aluminum pallets in the United States.

Our aluminum containers and pallets are the perfect solution to storage and warehouse needs. They are stackable for space-saving efficiency. Aluminum requires virtually no maintenance, lasts for years and can withstand extremes in temperatures. Our IBC's are collapsible, a feature making them ideally suited for closed-loop and automated retrieval systems. Both our containers and pallets are lightweight, durable, repairable, recyclable and fireproof. We can customize products to meet specific material handling needs. We offer a variety of services including leasing programs.

Aluminum - the lightweight shipping and storage solution - lasts for decades, is 100% recyclable and offers a better return on investment than any other material in the industry.

Stacked Pallets


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