LM Containers Acquires Rhino Pallets

Posted Date: 04/19/2007


LM Containers has acquired RHINO Pallets of Detroit Lakes, MN. RHINO's aluminum pallets are lightweight yet durable and provide better dependability than pallets made of wood. They are repairable and stackable which allows them to work well in the pharmaceutical, food service, automotive and automated storage/retrieval systems industries.

This acquisition will unite two leaders in the manufacturing of aluminum pallets. LM Containers located in Caruthersville, Missouri looks forward to serving all RHINO customers and providers. LM Containers manufactures and sells it own line of aluminum pallets and containers as well as the lines it previously acquired from OTD Corp. and MagAlum. The joining of these organizations will combine talent and craftsmanship to create a new platform of excellence as a world leader in aluminum pallets.


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